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Rich & Jen on the Shetlands, August 2015

Rich & Jen on the Shetlands, August 2015

I’ve just been installed as the vicar of the Polden Wheel in Somerset, which is a recently-formed group of six churches (comprising Ashcott, Burtle, Catcott, Chilton Polden, Edington and Shapwick).

This blog has evolved a bit since it started, with most of the posts being about either faith (as a follower of Jesus) or nature (as a birdwatcher and photographer). It’s not a diary – much of my work is not bloggable, either because it is mundane or inappropriate for a blog, so what I write about tends to emphasise spare time activities like holiday trips and birdwatching.

I started the blog in 2009 when I went up to vicar factory in Durham, as a way to keep in contact with friends, so the name came because I was then living almost on the banks of the River Wear. Here in the Somerset Levels, much of the land is re-claimed marsh; the nearest river is probably South Drain, which is not the most romantically named stretch of water in the area…

Richard Tweedy

Banner image: the River Severn near Arley

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12 thoughts on “About the river bank scribe

  1. Hi – are you the Richard Tweedy from Trinity that helped me out so brilliantly at The Noise last year??

    I think, from your description, it must be you, but I had no idea you were on your way to vicar factory and I’m really sorry I didn’t get to wish you well before you left. I am also hoping to head off to vicar factory at some point and I’d give my right arm to be learning in Durham!!

    Wishing you every blessing,
    Kim Hartshorne

  2. Hey Richard. Thanks for getting in touch. Good to read your blog too. Sounds like you’re having a ball! Thanks for all your support over the years. I’ve been through quite a time of change. Moving to the ‘North’. Let’s keep in touch. Maybe meet up. On the subject of BCP, I do one nearly every week!

    Grace & Blessings,


    • Hey Keith, great to hear from you! I’m glad your moving north… yes, it would be good to keep up, and I agree about meeting up. Let me know when you are newly ensconced! Bad luck about BCP…! All the best, Rich

    • Hi Iona,

      Thank you for your question on a subject which is clearly important for you.

      I wrote the comment while I was still at theological college. Since then I’ve regularly led BCP communion and evensong here in west Worcestershire. I’ve grown to admire the theological coherence of Cranmer’s liturgy, to an extent that has surprised me. I haven’t seen other liturgies that are as theologically impressive (though I’m not an expert).

      However there are questions that I would still ask. In particular, how do we do liturgy today in a way that connects with people in the 21st century, in a culture which is increasingly post-modern and post-Christendom? I’m tempted to write a blog post on this theme, but it’s unlikely to be before we move to Somerset.

      Thank you for taking the trouble to comment on my blog!

      Blessings, Rich

  3. Hi Rich
    We have a young neighbour who wants to go to Uni in two years time to do Astrophysics. He is doing A levels in Spanish, Physics, Maths and Further Maths and will probably get straight A*s. Can you suggest best Unis to try for please – this country and abroad?
    PS Don’t have your new e-mail address so using this medium to contact you.
    All the best Stuart

  4. Hi Rich & Jen
    Fantastic that you are parents!
    I was thinking of you both today and came across your site. Fantastic photography and better still a great source of news. We are now Grandparents!
    God bless you both
    Love Steve & Chris

    • Hi Steve & Chris,

      Lovely to hear from you! How exciting for you that you’re grandparents. I’ve just seen your website – that looks like a really exciting new venture – I’m going to drop you an email!


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