Becoming a vicar in Somerset

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been appointed as the next vicar of the Polden Wheel benefice in Somerset. Jen and I went there for a visit and interview just over a week ago, and we were excited by what we saw there and by the potential for future growth.

The benefice is made up of six churches, which lie just to the north of the A39 between Bridgwater and Street. In being a group of rural churches, it’s quite similar to the Martley group here in west Worcestershire.

The start date is likely to be towards the end of May.


Shapwick Church. Image © Simon Ellis

As it happens I’ve visited the area several times over the years, because of the existence of a couple of outstanding bird reserves, Shapwick Heath NNR and Ham Wall RSPB. Here’s a view that I took last May.


A view from Ham Wall towards Glastonbury Tor.

28 thoughts on “Becoming a vicar in Somerset

  1. Many, many congratulations, Richard. I’m very happy for you and Jen and wish you all the best there. (And very glad you’re surrounded by good birding possibilities!)

  2. Hi Rich It looks lovely down there. It reminds me when I look on the map that I cycled through there about 42 years ago on the way from Stockport to Clovely and back to Bristol. I still remember the Quantocks and other hills on North Devon. Hope that you are going to have a wonderful ministry there. Looks like you have to recruit an administrator, assistant priest and curate from the contact us list. I can see the Somerset bird list being extended quickly. Stuart and Jill

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  3. Polden Wheel people are so pleased that you have been appointed and look forward to welcoming you May, just in time for the best of Somerset birding too!

  4. I have just heard you are coming to the Poldens – I can hardly believe it! Praise the Lord, you are the answer to many prayers. Eph.3:20.

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