Getting engaged to Jennifer

Last Saturday, I got engaged to the awesomely wonderful Jennifer Siggers! Here are a few photos that mark the occasion.

Getting engaged at Hampton Court Palace

Getting engaged at Hampton Court Palace

Jen had been keen to show me Hampton Court Palace. I thought that the venue had some potential for asking her, so I checked the website and soon saw that the Privy Garden had plenty of cosy nooks. When we arrived there, I was horrified to find that the trees there were no more than two foot high, and the whole garden was consequently very exposed… Shedding any pretensions to being cool, calm and collected, we then went in search of a more suitable location, and found an arbour that was just right.

Marking the occasion at Hampton Court Palace

Marking the occasion at Hampton Court Palace



Shortly after we first connected, it was obvious that our relationship could really develop. Jen is a lecturer in bioengineering in London, having originally studied maths – so we do occasionally have geeky conversations about science!  She’s also a regular at All Souls Langham Place (where John Stott was rector for many years) – so we’ve also been known to discuss theology…

Aunty Jen with George, only a couple of days old... photo by Andrew Siggers

Aunty Jen with George, only a couple of days old… photo by Andrew Siggers

I’ve greatly enjoyed being welcomed in by Jen’s family – which has included the privilege of meeting her nephew when he was only a few hours old! He was born on New Year’s Eve, and as I was driving Jen back home the following day, we ended up visiting Andrew (her brother) and Rachael less than a day after all the drama.

Jen and I have a shared love of wild places, which is fortunate as on an early date I asked her to crawl through a hedge. (This was near the Ullenwood long barrow – I hadn’t worked out where the field exits were!). Later I took her up into a howling gale in the Peak District. We agreed the walk would have been lovely on a hot summer’s day.

Ring-necked parakeet in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

Ring-necked parakeet in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

I have tried very hard not to indoctrinate Jen into the world of birdwatching, but in a bizarre but true twist I had a life tick within minutes of our getting engaged, at the very same spot! Ring-necked parakeets are unknown in Worcestershire, but very common in this part of Surrey. Indeed, later in the evening there were several small flocks of them flying around fast and squawking noisily.

The first two photos were taken by a couple of folk who happened to wander past at the right moment – and they were both really excited to be involved in marking the occasion!

Around the beginning of November we were both really wondering whether we would ever meet ‘the right person’: I could scarcely have believed that I was about to meet such a stunningly amazing lady as Jen, and it is even more incredible for us now to be able to begin to plan life together.

17 thoughts on “Getting engaged to Jennifer

  1. Wonderful news! We notice that the beard and moustache have been ditched also. Many blessings to you both Stuart

    PS I saw four RRPs on Abberley Hill last year

  2. Richard congratulations to you and Jen and all that you wish yourselves for the future

    Paulette and Bill Fletcher

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Congratulations Richard and Jennifer, may you know God’s richest blessings as you journey through life together.

    • This is fantastic news Rich!!!!
      The largest congratulations I can manage to the both of you. Massively amazing news!! I am so happy right now!

  4. Many congratulations Richard. You look very young with no beard, suits you. We wish you all the best in your years a head. God bless

  5. Hi Richard, Excellent news, congratulations to you both! We had one of the parakeets in our big pear tree in Nobury in 1964 or 1965, around the time this started. There was a private zoo down the road, and we thought it had escaped from there; maybe the start of the London parakeets? Cheers, Nick


  6. Many congratulations, Richard. I am very happy for you and hope to meet Jen some day. (Don and I visited Hampton Court before we were married!)

  7. Many congratulations to you both! You look really happy together. We’ve been watching ‘Grantchester’, Richard are you also helping out the local constabulary in your spare time?
    Thoughts about a honeymoon in Arizona??
    Cheers, Jay and Cathy

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