Transformations at New Wine

I’ve just come back from another wonderful week at New Wine. One of the exciting things about times like this is seeing how God is transforming the lives of others: it is an event where people are expectant for God to do things, because many have experienced this themselves in the recent past.

Throughout the week I flitted between three groups – I camped with All Saints (Worcester), had supper with friends from Trinity (Cheltenham), and went to the worship with a group from Consuming Fire Ministries (Dine’s Green, Worcester).

Dave, a former biker from Dine’s Green, had been very unsure what to expect at New Wine, but at the end he compared what he experienced with previous festivals: ‘there’s as much fun and friendship at New Wine as at the other festivals, but there’s no drink and no drugs. It shows you don’t need the drink and drugs, you just need God’.

Meeting Philippa Hanna at New Wine - with Les Jevins on hand to record the moment!

Meeting Philippa Hanna at New Wine – with Les Jevins on hand to record the moment!

Les (from Trinity) had been speaking admiringly of the singer Philippa Hanna, so a group of us went to her gig on the Monday evening. I was so impressed that I bought a couple of albums, and then thought, ‘I might as well get them signed’. To my surprise, Les was on hand to photograph the event. (I’m going to have to return the favour!)

The most visually dramatic example of the way God transforms lives was with the ‘cardboard testimonies’ in the Urban Impact venue on Friday night. About a hundred took part in this: below are five of them.



2 thoughts on “Transformations at New Wine

  1. Great post Rich,

    The photos are amazing, real testimonies are so powerful!!

    Really looking forward to your visit Friday & over the weekend.

    Best regards

    Jon Rolnik Head Coach GSMTA Somerset Contact: Telephone: 07918 617 950 LIKE US FOR MORE


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