Cafe church videos

One reason that cafe church works well is that allows for considerable creative scope. Highlights over the last year include a number of sketches. We’ve also been able to show some powerful video clips that wouldn’t fit into a normal liturgical service, but are appropriate and effective in this more informal context. Here are three which we’ve used.

  • Nick Vujicic has an astonishingly moving and uplifting testimony. Born without arms and legs (a genetic condition unrelated to thalidomide), Nick has become an accomplished motivational speaker and evangelist. This clip from the Oprah Winfrey show is probably the best summary of his life and message.

  • Last month, we looked at the subject of forgiveness. I happened to stumble across a clip (or rather, saw it recommended by a Facebook friend!), about a woman who forgave the man who killed her only child – and who now lives in the house next door to hers…

  • This month I was keen to focus prayer on Brazil, as hosts of the World Cup, and needed a video clip that would focus on some of the social issues besetting the country. This one provided exactly the focus that was needed.

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