Quirky archives

It’s strange what you find when you go through your old photos… as I found when I decided to get my photo collection in order. Here are a few ‘gems’…

First is a rare selfie… taken behind closed doors, in a bathroom… and I never told the owners, nor anybody else for that matter. It’s time to come clean.

The bathroom had a nice row of mirror tiles that went on both sides, so the geek in me wanted both to count the reflections and then photograph them.

What the guest did in the bathroom.

What the guest did in the bathroom.

I found that to get a good photo I needed to sacrifice the number of recorded reflections – and also realised that if I grinned at the camera, the result looked naff. So I didn’t. I must admit that one of my first thoughts on re-discovering this image from four years ago was , ‘much less grey hair in those days’!

Deep... very deep...

Deep… very deep…

A couple years later, while working in Cheltenham and doing the photographic project on the River Chelt during lunchtimes, I chanced upon a kid’s toy by the side of a road. I thought this had some potential, which could therefore reveal an artistic side to my photography. When I downloaded the images later, searching for something ‘deep’ in the photos, I realised that one message came out far louder than all the others clamouring for attention: “this is a kid’s toy found by the side of a road”.

Finally, I was reminded of the most educated graffitti I’ve ever seen, carefully laid out in stones on Leckhampton Hill, in the quarry workings between the Devil’s Chimney and the summit, about ten years ago.

Leckhampton Hill: date of manufacture

Leckhampton Hill: date of manufacture

Apart from the mock precision, the statement is reasonably accurate – but not one that would be known without at least some acquaintance with geology! The Cotswolds were formed in warm, shallow seas in the Jurassic era, in similar conditions to the Bahamas today – although probably ‘only’ 170 million years ago. (There’s a good summary of the geology here.)

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