Duffing up the vicar

It finally came to this.

I came to blows with the vicar, David Sherwin, this weekend. There was even an audience, alternately shocked at the violence and baying for more.

The important thing is that I won.

Sorry, did I not explain that this was in the Martley pantomime? It was Camelot, and I was one of the villains, Mordred, who had pretensions to Arthur’s throne. Only Merlin (aka David Sherwin) could wield the quarterstaff like Mordred, so the fate of Arthur’s throne depended on the final fight. But the evil Nimue (Jennifer Whittaker) had arranged for the king’s tart to be spiked by Morgana (Andy Johnson), thus drugging Merlin as well, so the result was fiendishly rigged…

Mordred's claim to the throne depends on defeating Merlin (David Sherwin)

Mordred’s claim to the throne depends on defeating Merlin (David Sherwin)

Merlin fends off Mordred's attack

Merlin fends off Mordred’s attack

The sleeping draft, inserted into the king's tart, works its way into Merlin.

Merlin is no match for the combined forces of Mordred and the sleeping draft, inserted into the king’s tart via Nimue’s evil scheming

Mordred celebrates his victory. The throne is his now, surely?

“I have won! I’m going to be king in Camelot!” Surely?

Camelot thus fell into Mordred’s hands… Only it didn’t, because Guindolene (played by Tony Lewis) wrenched the handle from a broom, then launched a frenzied attack on Mordred, and won.

Still, Mordred’s disaster didn’t last long. He met again the long-lost love of his life, the Damsel D’Or (Charlotte Searle), and they both lived happily ever after.

Being part of the panto for the second year has been enormous fun. It’s a great community event, with over 30 cast members (both adults and children), all directed by Martley’s own creative genius, Ruth Mace. It’s been a privilege to be a part of such an amazing group of people.

Many thanks to Gail Dawson, the editor of The Villager magazine, for the photos.

3 thoughts on “Duffing up the vicar

  1. Richard

    Thanks for your Mails.

    Unfortunatly the one about the Starlings was wiped off by accident – but Paulette did sayMonday that they had arrived with us and at the weekend must try to block nesting in the roof so they can find nesting sights in the trees.

    What a pity we did not know about the pantomime we would

    have enjoyed seeing it, but it sounds as if it was enjoyed by all. Have a peaceful New Year and we look forward to meeting you some time in the New Year. Paulette and Bill Fletcher


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