Mummy, I’m HUNGRY!!!

Kids can be demanding sometimes… as I saw last weekend, when I had one of those experiences that make wildlife watching so addictive – watching a woodpecker feed its young. I was incredibly lucky to see it, for a variety of fortuitous reasons…

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I would like you to think that seeing this was the result of outstanding observational skills, carefully honed over the last few years watching wildlife. This would, however, be untrue.

My mother had come up for the weekend, so as she’s had a lifelong interest in wildlife I decided on a walk through a local wood. We happened to bump into a guy who was armed with a large camera and a big grin, having photographed the woodpecker and its young: “they’re just back up the path”, he said, “in the obvious double tree – you can’t miss it.” This double tree wasn’t at all obvious, and as a large group of people then came along the path, the chances of seeing the woodpeckers disappeared. Nevertheless, their leader at least knew what was meant by the double tree – so we all stared at it, futilely. The group soon got chatty and bored, and walked off. I waited, camera in hand. A few minutes later my mother said, “it’s there… on the other tree trunk…” After a moment of bafflement, I moved the camera to where the woodpeckers really were.

So I guess I get some credit for pressing the shutter at the right time… 😀

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