Winter in Wichenford

One of the best parts of being a curate here has been doing things I never expected to be involved in. The prime example is the pantomime last weekend. When I arrived last summer I was told (by my grinning vicar) that I would be in it – and after being a bit sceptical at the start, I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The panto itself was Cinder Ella – note the ‘small but subtle difference’ – which was based more on the German version but adapted to incorporate some local Martley character. For example I was Rev Hastings, one of a long line of Rev Hastings in the area – but there the historical roots ended, not least because I played him more as an eccentric professor…

I was part of a very talented cast who gave a number of memorable performances – it’s almost unfair to single anyone out but Andy and Tony were unforgettable as the ugly sisters, and Douglas was a wonderfully whacky Colonel Currie. The play was enormous fun to be part of, and we got some very good feedback from those who’d been to watch (including a review by my friend Neil Fix).

The weather has finally turned wintry – which offers some small comfort for the farmers as the frost will kill off some of the bugs that have been enjoying the damp. This is a scene just down the road, on the way to Hilltop Farm – note the spire of Wichenford church in the distance.

Frosty scene in Wichenford

Frosty scene in Wichenford

Shortly after taking this I noticed a rather showy fieldfare trying to forage. There’s been a large flock of fieldfares and redwings in the orchard at the back of the village but despite their obvious presence they are very elusive for a photographer.

Fieldfare trying to forage on the frozen ground at Hilltop Farm

Fieldfare trying to forage on the frozen ground at Hilltop Farm

As it happens another fieldfare settled upon an easier option this afternoon, and started to guzzle an apple I’d left out… and was just about tolerant of my camera pointing at it.

Fieldfare getting an easier meal at Wichenford Oak

Fieldfare getting an easier meal at Wichenford Oak

4 thoughts on “Winter in Wichenford

  1. Love the pictures – fieldfares have set up in my garden, which has meant less work done for me as I sit by the window. Hope you’re well. Liz x

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