Water, water everywhere (& waxwings!)

The Martley area is surrounded by flood-prone rivers: both the Teme to the west and south and the Severn to the east frequently flood, and there are innumerable brooks and streams that can soon render a road impassable in a heavy downpour. However, last weekend I decided to go towards the floods rather than away from them.

On my first visit here, about a year ago, I took a picture of the River Teme at Knighwick, from the bridge outside the Talbot Inn… last Sunday I went back there to see the difference. Here are the two scenes:

The River Teme at Knightwick, Dec 2011 – in normal flow.

The River Teme at Knightwick, Nov 2012 – in full flood.

It is not unusual for the Severn to inundate the cricket pitch at the county ground near the centre of Worcester – and it certainly happened this time.

The cricket field at New Road, Worcester under water

Not ideal for riverbank walks at the moment…

A waxwing in Redditch

This was going to be a straightforward post about the floods, but after taking the pictures at New Road I met my fellow curates Richard and Hazel up in Redditch for lunch. Hazel kindly provided soup and rolls. As I was leaving and walking up Hazel’s street, I happened to catch sight of what looked like a waxwing flying off. I knew that a wave of them had arrived in Britain a few weeks ago and were slowly moving south, munching whatever juicy berries they could find, but they’re very flighty. In fact about 20 to 30 were settled in a large nearby tree and they would descend onto a smaller berry-bearing tree in twos and threes. This went on for about 10 minutes until something provoked the entire flock to depart.

I couldn’t persuade Hazel and Richard that seeing waxwings is both exciting and momentous!

One thought on “Water, water everywhere (& waxwings!)

  1. Dear Richard, we were walking on Friday near some lakes near our new home in Rothwell, West Yorkshire when we saw a flock of waxwings in a tree – we were excited too!
    Roger & Sarah

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