Martley goes international

On Thursday evening, the church in Martley hosted an international choir from Milan in Italy. They’re based at the Methodist church there, and although they are unpaid they are hugely talented, bringing both passion and professionalism to their music. It’s a truly international group: many members came from the Phillippines, with others from Italy, Holland, the USA and the UK.

The choir from the ‘Chiesa Evangelica Metodista di Milano’

With Janet Manio and Mike Bassig, two of the choir members from the Phillippines

It was a real delight to be able to host two of the choir members, Janet and Mike. Leaving their home country to work in the care sector in Italy is clearly not easy. Mike, a former pastor, found that it was the only way for him to be able to fund his children going through the school system at home. Janet’s dream of a career inĀ journalism was thwarted by the need to be able to work full-time as well as to study… While she’s fluent in English, this is merely one of the five languages she speaks (starting with her mother tongue of Kapampangan).

On Friday evening there was a barbecue at Mary Horton’s farm, south of the Teme at Highfields – and the choir sang for us there as well! This was definitely a trip that enriched the lives of all those who took part, and the relationship between Martley and the international church in Milan looks like it could grow.

The choir singing for us at the barbecue on Friday evening.

The Martley summer fete took place today (Saturday) and having done a little vegetable growing at Wichenford Oak since arriving at the end of June, I took a particular interest in the vegetable display. I might have a go at entering some courgettes next year…

Some of the prize vegetables… tomatoes and courgettes (left), runner beans and onions (right)

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