Last Sunday’s ordination service was an amazing occasion – and it was quite extraordinary to be right at the centre of it! After 16 years since I first felt the call to ordination, I had a huge feeling of relief throughout… and as I drove to Wichenford for the lunch afterwards, I couldn’t help thinking, “Wow, I’m in! I’ve made it!”

Preparation for the event began with a silent retreat at Holland House, near Pershore. Although I had viewed this with some trepidation it was actually very helpful to be able to get away from the busyness of all the preparations and to reflect on the real reason for being ordained… In fact, it wasn’t entirely silent, as there was a ‘talking space’ which some of us used in the evening, which was a most valuable time for connecting with other curates.  The location, on the banks of the Avon near Pershore, also helped!

A great location for the Riverbank Scribe to go on retreat…

The day of the ordination began with prayer in the crypt, the oldest part of the Cathedral, which goes back before the Norman disaster to the tenth century and the Anglo-Saxon St. Oswald. It was fitting to be able to pray where believers have gathered to worship God for over a thousand years.

The ordination service itself was a most grand occasion, full of pomp and ceremony, which was a real contrast with what I’m used to at Trinity. Nevertheless it was hard not to feel that this event was marking something significant! What struck me afterwards was how many friends said that they had really enjoyed the service and felt it was done well.

Giving the declarations some oomph – with Richard Bubbers and Hazel Charlton

I hugely appreciate the friends and family who came to support me at the ordination. It’s hard to be selective of pictures of the occasion, but as Matt & Jo, Dave S and Dave K have been close friends through the rough times as well as the good I’m including theirs.

With Dave S and Dave K

With Jo and Matt

After the ordination service we all headed over to Wichenford, for the celebration lunch. The churches in the area had provided most generously and it was also an opportunity for friends and family to meet people from my new community.

The week since then has been most enjoyable, as I have begun my new job. But that will have to wait for another post…

5 thoughts on “Collared

  1. Well done to you Rich, very proud of you mate, your God given talents finally coming to fruition, you will be fantastic in your role, first time i have see you with a collar, but that collar so totall suits you!!

  2. I was delighted to read about your ordination and see your pictures. It was clearly an absolutely amazing occasion and I am sure you will do well in your new role. I will continue to pray for you and that you will be blessed and guided by the Holy Spirit.

  3. Great to read this report and see pictures! May God bless you richly as you serve Him, and may He choose to bless others through you, as He did in Durham.

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