Puffins on Skomer

Puffin on the cliff edge at The Wick

On Wednesday I took advantage of good weather and spent the day on Skomer. This an island off the Marloes Peninsula in Pembrokeshire, which is famous for its seabirds and particularly its puffin colonly. Although I had intended to look for a wide range of the island’s wildlife, I ended up being completely beguiled by the puffins.

I’d been there a few years ago, on a day which was largely foggy, but still had an amazing experience. This time, as the weather was spectactularly good (itself noteworthy considering the storms that prevailed for much of the rest of the week) I decided to set myself up at the Wick, where the puffins are most numerous, to try to get some decent photos. There’s a particular spot with a stunning backdrop to the sea below, where thought I’d be able to line up a good shot or two.

Puffin at The Wick on Skomer

What I hadn’t expected was that a puffin with a beak-full of sandeels would then land right in the middle of the frame! A couple of snaps later, it was gone to feed its young…

Having lined up the background, this puffin landed right in the middle of the frame!


Shy puffin

It’s astonishing how bold puffins can be, and how close they can get to people. Most of the people there are likely to have gone away with stunning photos. However, a few of them did seem to be a bit shier, hiding away in burrows.

My one regret of the trip was that, having gone to Pembrokeshire with John Linney, Dave Doughty and Jesse Stuart, I ended up being the only on the Skomer trip. After I’d shown them the photos, they were wishing they’d been there!

Puffins at The Wick on Skomer


Puffin with sandeels at The Wick

11 thoughts on “Puffins on Skomer

  1. Hi Richard – these photos are just amazing!

    Love the one of the shy puffin, and the one on the cliff edge – the backdrop is stunning!

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    ps. there’s been a couple of young nuthatches on the feeders today – so lovely to see them.

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