Renegades for the Kingdom

Being back in Cheltenham may not have been Plan A for the summer, but there are some definite advantages. One of these is being able to be a part of  the “Kingdom Renegades” prayer group on Thursday nights. The meeting this week seemed like a significant occasion: the group grew from a prayer triplet involving Dave Slight, Wes Wright and myself, but for various reasons this was the first time in over three years that the three of us have been in the meeting together. God is good!

The Shakka Bongie boys: Shane, Jonathan, Matt, Wes and Dave; Rob, me and Phil

We have an expectation that God moves in supernatural ways – that is, after all, His nature. There are a variety of significant sources of inspiration for us, which include the New Wine network, Bethel Church in Redding, California of which Bill Johnson is the pastor, and Justin Abraham’s Company of Burning Hearts.

Dave and Camilla

On Friday night Dave Shill and Wes held a joint birthday meal at a local Indian restaurant, which was a great chance for a good get-together. As teenagers they were both in the same swimming team and have remained friends since. Dave now battles with MS – and does so with courage and cheerfulness.

Meanwhile, an obstreporous grey-haired individual is cross with me for not including him in my final post from Durham, so I am obliged to end this one with him…

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