Devon journeys

I’ve just returned from spending a lovely few days with Jenny in Devon. The weather was glorious, and as I don’t know the area well it was ideal for exploring the countryside.

Cirl bunting at Labrador Bay

We discovered that parts of the coast provide prime habitat for the rare cirl bunting, so ‘obviously’ it was absolutely necessary to go and see them! There’s an RSPB nature reserve at Labrador Bay which aims to demonstrate how farming can be combined with conservation, and the cirls are prime beneficiaries. It’s a most picturesque area anyway, and it doesn’t require an obsession with feathers to appreciate it. We were lucky that, fairly early on, we heard one of them singing – if that’s the right word for a dry trill – from the top of a bush.

Jenny at Labrador Bay

We did a number of trips, going to Lyme Regis to begin to explore the famous Jurassic coast-line of Dorset, to Dunsford to stroll through the woods and enjoy a cream tea at a wonderfully charming cafe, and to Sidmouth on my final morning there to have an excellent cooked breakfast!

The beach at Lyme Regis, looking over to the rest of the Jurassic coast

My hosts, Marg and Huw

One of the things I most appreciate about Exeter is the church which Jenny belongs to – the City Community Church – which has some wonderfully generous and hospitable people. I’ve stayed with Roger & Sarah before, but this time stayed with Huw and Marg – former missionaries who met in Papua New Guinea, and who shared some of the amazing experiences they had while there. Huw demonstrated an unexpected line in car dealership… My car has been struggling over the last year and I was facing yet another bill, whereupon Huw said “it’s funny you should say that, our neighbour is selling his car!”. A day and a test drive later, I’d decided that this would indeed be my next car.

With Jenny at a cafe in Dunsford

3 thoughts on “Devon journeys

  1. Lovely pictures Richard, although I’m feeling a little homesick now. Pete and I have lived both in Exeter and on the Jurassic Coast in Seaton so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your time there and well done with the new car. God is good.

  2. I echo Debs – lovely pictures – especially of you and Jenny – who I’ve got to meet soon!

    Did a little birding myself this morning and saw a rose-breasted grosbeak, some yellow rumped warblers, and white-crowned sparrows (for the more unusual birds).

    Glad you got a car – happy trails!


  3. Every time i hear about Papa New guinea, i get interested. I know very little about this country but but am also amazed by it. Missionaries from Papa new guinea must have the most fun stories. I like you photos, they are professional.

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