Spirit School in Cardiff

Aliss Cresswell at Spirit School in Cardiff

Last Sunday I went down to Cardiff with a few friends to Spirit School, run by Justin Abraham’s Company of Burning Hearts. The focus of the evening was an inspiring talk by Aliss Cresswell, who runs a Spirit Cafe on an estate in Chester where she has seen many healings.

Aliss is someone who has a passion – a burning heart – to see lives restored and saved by Jesus. She has a radical belief in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal people today, saying that the “Kingdom of God is the normal supernatural Christian life”. She sees this impacting the estate in Blacon, where she has seen a very high proportion of non-believers be healed, often instantly.

On one occasion she prayed for the healing of a small child’s lazy eye. Her mum declared herself to be an atheist, but as soon as she saw her child’s eye get healed, she suddenly became interested. As it happens there were people in the cafe who had been delivered of drug addictions, and they were able to witness to her about the Jesus who saves. Later the child’s father was intrigued to know about how his daughter was healed – and he too got saved.

In much of the church in Britain we’ve became so acclimatised to not seeing God intervene supernaturally that we’re sceptical – even cynical – about stories where God is known to move in power. Yet when God does move, the climate of expectation changes.

Although Aliss delights in seeing people experience of God, she knows that there are also other important issues as well: “we want to get wasted on Jesus”, she said, “but we want to see the fruit in our lives. It’s really important to be obedient.” Her priority is to be dependant upon God, and not to act and then hope that God will bless what she’s done. The first thing is to ask what the Holy Spirit what he wants to do, then to hear what he says – and then to do it (which she acknowledges is the difficult part!).

Aliss’s talk was exciting and inspirational. We’re so used to living in a world defined by rational limits – but we need to be expectant that a supernatural God will act supernaturally.

2 thoughts on “Spirit School in Cardiff

  1. Thank you very much for this. I have shared it with a couple of people from my church in Kingston Park, Newcastle. We really need to pray about how God can touch the lives of people in our housing estate at Kingston Park. Are you familiar with Bill Johnson and the healing ministry at his church (Bethel) in California?


  2. Hi John,

    Cool – glad this is helpful. Yes, I know about the great work Bill Johnson and the Bethel crowd are doing – very inspirational.

    I think Aliss Cresswell runs weekend courses in Blacon for those who want to get a flavour of the cafe and how to set up a similar one. Also worth connecting with the Eden teams – there are a couple of new ones, one in Byker and another in Middlesburgh.

    We should meet for a coffee when I’m back next month!


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