Mice, feathers and spicy food

Harvest mouse at Slimbridge

Earlier this week I went to Slimbridge with Jenny; despite the profusion of birds, both captive and wild, the undoubted star of the show was this harvest mouse. It’s part of the “Back from the brink” exhibit, focussing mainly on small mammals as well as water voles and beavers. Apart from the much larger otters, it was only the harvest mice which were active – and they were running all over their cage. This character spent a lot of time preening -and posed briefly before scuttling off.

Garganey, freshly arrived from West Africa

I missed out on a lesser scaup, reported to be a rare vagrant from the USA. To my surprise I then saw a fair number of lesser scaups amongst the captive birds, which did just make me wonder whether the one alleged to have flown across the Atlantic might actually be an escape from a hundred yards away… Still, we did get to see a garganey, newly arrived having migrated from West Africa.

Matt & Jo

It’s been a very pleasant few days – with a couple of very enjoyable evening meals to crown the week! Matt’s birthday meal was on Saturday night, so a bunch of us enjoyed a curry to celebrate with him, while on the previous evening John Linney arranged for a group of us to go to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. The older I get, the more I value and appreciate genuine friendships. Folks, you enrich my life!

At “The Real China” with John, Jesse, Tracey, Neil, Dave and Jimmy.

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