Along the River Wear

Earlier this week I took advantage of a bright sunny morning to wander along the bank of the River Wear. Going upstream towards Shincliffe, the river passes the university sports grounds, and the path provides great views of the city. The river was unusually calm, giving reflections of the cathedral and castle – which I appreciated on the return journey, when there was enough wind to ruffle the surface of the water and remove all trace of reflection.

Durham from the River Wear

Durham and the banks of the River Wear

I’d gone without the intention of doing any birdwatching. Nevertheless, when I stopped off at one point in the journey and sat amongst the trees, I was rewarded with a treecreeper landing just in front of me. It was fascinating to watch as it spiralled its way upwards, pecking at the bark as it searched for insects, then flying low onto another tree-trunk to spiral upwards again.

Treecreeper on trees by the Wear

2 thoughts on “Along the River Wear

  1. It is interesting to think about the atheist perspective on what you saw on your walk and the photos you took. According to the atheist the cathedral you saw was designed and built by man (no problem there!) but the beautiful treecreeper that you saw and photographed – well, that had no designer and was just an accident of nature! How can anyone believe that? Yet that is the atheist position!


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