Winter wonderland

It’s snowing as I write this – which is not unusual for the past week, during which several inches have fallen and very little has melted. I thought I’d share with you a few pictures from around the place. This was the view from my window a couple of days ago when the Sun was out:

View from the window

Here’s a couple of photos of the Cathedral from Monday.

Durham Cathedral and River Wear from Prebend’s Bridge

The Cathedral from Observatory Hill

Birding opportunities have obviously been limited, although I did manage to get to Rainton Meadows the other day to see a bittern that had arrived earlier in the week. These are elusive birds, notorious for hiding deep in reedbeds – no-one had seen it the day I was there. Luckily, after half an hour peering at the reedbed, I saw a brown wing stretch up, and then the head and neck peering above the reeds. A few seconds later, it was gone. My friend Jaybee was more fortunate a few days later: not only had the icy weather forced the bittern out from its normal skulking habits, but he and a fellow birder discovered there are actually two of them!

Bittern at Rainton Meadows – photo by Jaybee

1 thought on “Winter wonderland

  1. Hi Rich,

    This must be terrible cold. I can’t imagine this, its veeeery hoooot at the Coast of Kenya now. Its amazing how different one place is to the other. God is the artist

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