Putting on a show

The Lindisfarne gospels projected onto the Cathedral

I’ve just been to a spectacular light-show, which used Durham Cathedral as a canvas. The highlight was seeing pages from the Lindisfarne Gospels projected onto the cathedral,

Terrified locals watch as the Vikings burn and pillage Lindisfarne

but it also provided some historical narrative. It then intrigued by projecting images of the interior onto the outside walls.

Not content with last week’s weekend away, I have spent this weekend near Scarborough with the church in Haughton-le-Skerne. This is a critical time in the parish’s development, because a church that was planted in the nearby district of Whinfield is being re-merged, later this month, back with the parent church of St. Andrew’s (of which more in a subsequent post). This weekend away was an important time of developing greater fellowship between members of the two congregations, prior to the merger.

For me personally, this weekend was a great opportunity to get to know people in the two churches, far more than would normally be possible. This was an absolute pleasure as it was a very friendly and welcoming environment.

The speaker for the weekend was Geoff Maughan, a saintly scholar, who with gentleness and perception encouraged everyone to see the future not as a return to a past glory, or one culture taking over another, but as the creation of something new. This weekend has been a large step in that direction.

I wasn’t going to write about wildlife this week – but that idea was re-arranged by my chancing upon a fight between three seals at Greatham creek!


Two seals are lounging around, as seals do, when a third one slithers up the mud.


There then appears to be a bit of an argument…


They take to the water and a full-blown scrap takes place. I only realised afterwards that all three seals are involved (though only two are shown here).


Two of them are still going at it after the other slips off.

The fight dissipated after this. I’d love to know more about what was going on – for example, whether it was about territorial or mating rights. The darker seal appears to have been the aggressor and wasn’t the one slipping off first – but it’s not clear whether he was the victor.

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